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The Velvet Collection

The ultimate sensual feel. Comfort and luxury combined. A silky or silky matt look in the most vibrant of colours. Velvet is all that. With the Velvet Collection, AW writes a new chapter in the story of Sensualité®. ‘Histoire d’O’ or ‘The story of O’ if you like.

The sign of a truly grand interior is velvet flooring. It is sophistication at its highest, and the embodiment of sensuality. That is why AW launches the Velvet Collection as part of its iconic Sensualité® brand. The Velvet Collection presents four carpet ranges, all named after a strong mythological woman. Each of the four muses is the inspiration for a carpet that highlights the splendour of velvet.

  • The new collection of the iconic Sensualité® brand
  • Made with iSense®, our exclusive, extremely soft polyamide yarn
  • Four ranges, each with its fascinating colour palette
  • A brand that is perfectly in line with the fashion and interior velvet trend